Drive to the Island of Spetses

Spetses spetses Island
Spetses Island Εικόνα 461

A tour that will definetely stay on your minds.I strongly recommend the tour of Spetses.Why? The reason is simple: When the tour of Peloponnese is over you DO NOT GO BACK to your hotel in Athens.Instead you are dropped off to my trustworthy partners and owners of water taxis who will take you across to Spetses Island from the small port of Kosta. You will reach Spetses Island in approxemately 15 minutes.A beautiful sail in the Aegean sea.From there you can enjoy the traditional taverns of the Island and in addition you can walk through the alleys and swim in the beautiful beaches.

This tour is not necessairily combined with the Ancient Ruins of Peloponnese.This means I can drive you direcly to Kosta in a 230 kilometer distance.In any other case you can still visit some of the most beautiful and Ancient Ruins of the western side of Peloponnese and after the end of the tour you sail in Spetses where you can spend as many days as you wish.How do you get back to Athens? You simply get into a flying dolphin or a Ferry and in approxemately 2hours you can be back at Pireus Port and then in a 20 minute drive you can be at your hotel or in 50 minutes we can take you directly to the airport.

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