Athens City Tour

The round of Athens will definetely be the first thing that a visitor would like to do. However a City tour requires a person who knows the city very well in order for the visitors to know where they are and of course what they are about to see in the areas that they will visit.

You can choose between a half day Tour and a full day Tour.In both cases you can manipulate the tour without being victimized from any preset Tour schedule. We offer the passengers General Historical Information which is more than enough. Of course you can use a Tourist Guide who can escort you in the Monuments if you want to learn the history in details. I can provide you with one good Tourist Guide in case you don’t have any available.

People that take a City Tour will visit:

  • The Acropolis Hill
  • The Temple of Zeus
  • The old Olympic Stadium
  • The Parliament(Change of the Guards)
  • The Lycabettus Hill
  • The Ancient Agora

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Drivers CAN NOT escort the passengers into tourist ancient monuments and give historical information about the Monuments without having a Tourist Guide’s Licence