Argolida Tour

Canal Of Corinth Ancient Corinth Castle of Acrocorinth Mycenae Nafplio Ancient Epidavrus theatre
canalcorinth Ancient-Corinth Εικόνα 738 Mycenae2 Nafplio Ancient_Epidavros

The Argolida tour is a tour focused on the Argolida Region.There you can do arround 400km on a full day schedule and enjoy all the Ancient Ruins of Argolida and of course Nafplio which was and is a very important City even today. The destinations that you visit are: The Canal of corinth, the Ancient Corinth and the Castle of Acrocorinth, Mycenae, Nafplio and finally you reach the famous Ancient Theatre of epidavros.It’s a big round on the north east part of Peloponnese. Definetely a must do Tour for the lovers of Ancient Greek history


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